What We Do

What We Do

The video here shows the stages and actions required for our precast panel fencing system.

Rather than try and explain the system in words, it is far better to see it in action. Once a measure, design and quote are completed and accepted we commence with the footings. The key to structural integrity with a wall is the footings. Our pier footing system penetrate a minimum of 1.8m in to the ground. These are spaced according to the fence design and carry the weight of the panels and provide the necessary engineering for the wind loading on the fence.

Our panels are 32Mpa reinforced concrete panels. They can range in height from 500mm up to 2.2m. We can make panel widths from 500mm up to 6.0m wide. All panels are custom made for each job.

The manufacturing can take from 1 to 5 days depending on quantity and design requirements. We require a minimum 7 day ‘cure’ time to allow the strength of the concrete to be achieved prior to lifting and transporting for installation.

Installation is usually achieved in one day, again dependant of quantity and design aspects. We are then on site for a further day or two finishing off the installation and preparing for hand over to our client.

We recommend a texture painted finish to the fence and strongly recommend Rockcote, for the best look for the fence. The use of decorative tiles, colour variations, slatting, etc ads enhancement to the fence without a huge additional cost.

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