Welcome to TUF Concrete Fencing !

TUF (Tilt Up Fence) Concrete Fencing has been developing and operating in South East Queensland since the late 1990’s. It was borne from the need for a more cost effective alternative to block and render fences. We have proved to be at least 30% to 50% more economical to construct than core filled block and render. We also pride ourself in the fact that we are structurally superior in many ways and don’t suffer the all too often ‘step cracking’ found in many brick and block rendered walls.

We cater for residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructural projects.

TUF provides several key points of difference when considering your fencing needs:

Style – A TUF fence provides modern lines with a ‘blank canvas’ for individualising your fence. Through the use of ‘cut outs’, tiling, decorative tiles, colours, lighting, etc. a TUF fence will add value to your asset.

Safety – A TUF fence is 32MPA reinforced concrete. Our standard panels weigh in at 3 tonne and are 110mm in thickness. Every week there is at least one news story of a car careering through a fence and into a house. Through timber, colorbond, metal railing, brick, rendered block and some of the thinner (only 50mm) ‘concrete’ competitors. But never through a TUF fence yet!!

Savings – A TUF fence provides savings of up to 50% against block and render pricing. It adds value to your property.

Sound Barrier – A TUF fence panel has been recognised by the Mains Road Department as a suitable acoustic barrier to traffic noise. Shut out that street noise or your neighbours constant chatter.

Structure – A TUF fence comes with an industry standard six year structural guarantee. Our fencing style has been operating over 20 years and our initial fences are still standing. No step cracking and no render peeling. They are Engineer designed and certification is an optional extra.

Screening – A TUF fence provides the ultimate in privacy, especially around front yards. With panels as high as 2.2m in height, available.

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